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Clinical trials for genomic


My markers SMARCB 1 loss exons 8-9 and SUFUQ 150


Anybody else with these markers?


I mistyped the 2nd marker. It is SUFU (Q150*). Potential clinical trials indlude EZH2 inhibitors, inhibitors of hedgehog pathway, CDK4/6 inhibitors, proteasome inhibitors, inhibitors of FGFRs, and Aurora kinase inhibitors. Has anyone tried any of these?


Tazemetostat is a EZH2 inhibitor in trial. You can find some information about it here:

One of our members, Kaiowas reported his experience here (negative):

He may not have a mutation in SMARCB1 though. Usually SMARCB1 function is disrupted by the SYT-SSX translocation in synovial sarcoma. Your case sounds different.
The only hedgehog inhibitor mentioned on this site is GDC-0449 here:

The trial was completed and some results are posted here showing the company chose to discontinue the trial:

So far, only a few CDK4/6 inhibitors trials have been dedicated to sarcoma, usually targeting liposarcoma and nothing for synovial sarcoma specifically. There may be trials for solid tumor. A few CDK4/6 inhibitors are palbociclib, abemaciclib, ribociclib.
Votrient is a FGFR inhibitor, approved for sarcoma treatment.
Ellen’s son tried an aurora kinase inhibitor years ago:

It didn’t work for him as he passed away shortly after. It looks like the trial was suspended:


Thank you. I have passed this information along to my son-in-law, who joined this support group yesterday. My daughter’s biopsy today went well and we await results…