Chemotheraphy for Synovial Sarcoma


I am having second thoughts about chemo. I get my diagnosis with doxorubicin and Ifosfamide chemo combo. I have a heart problem - mitral valve prolapse and these drugs can produce heart issues. I am in a weakened state of health now and they want to do this in 1 week. Sorry!!! I need time for nutritional help to get stronger. Whaat do you guys think?


Pls discuss options with your doctor. I would expect that your doctor would evaluate tests prior to starting chemo that include labs, mUGA scan,echo, etc. these drugs are harsh for many and assessment of your health and risks must be assessed prior to undertaking chemo

Based on my husband’s personal experience, I would not do it in a weakened state of health. There may be reasons your doctor is recommending this now but you should trust your instincts.


Otis, you should definitely discuss your concerns with your oncologist.


I am comforted by the concern & love in this chatroom. I am new to synovial, overwhelmed & dealing with so much conflict. And yet you guys have become my family & team. You have shown love, keeping me grounded. Thx


I am on my third regiment of chemotherapy. I had ifosamide doxorubicin in 2013 with good results. Then I had gemcitibine doxitaxil in 2014 and it did not work. Now I am on ifosamide doxorubicin and the side effects are awful. I wish there was another option but I am afraid it won’t work.