Chemo taxal and gemar


Hi, Dixie and ifex didn’t work for me. They are now suggesting taxal and Gemzar has anybody been on these?


Do you mean taxol (also called paclitaxel) or taxotere (also called docetaxel)? The typical combo is gemzar + taxotere. I've not hear of gemzar + taxol for sarcoma... The combo taxotere and gemzar works well for leiomyosarcoma and undifferentiated high-grade pleomorphic sarcoma but not so great for synovial sarcoma:


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Yeah I did it after surgery as a precaution. Since I was in remission at the time it's hard to say how effective it was. I stayed in remission for 2.5 years so maybe it helped. It did permanently cause my hair to go away, though, I know that.


Yes! I’ve been on docetaxel and gemzar because D+I didn’t work for me, either. Plus, they added radiaton. Sadly, it, too, didn’t work.


My docs are now recommending docetaxel and gemzar. This will be my third attempt at chemo and it scares me. My other chemos worked at shrinking my tumors and eliminated a few of my lung mets but eventually they started growing again. Did this combo shrink your tumors at all? How long were you on this combo and any info you can share on side effects will be great. This has been a true fight for my life and my body is much weaker now than its ever been so I'm even more worried. Staying positive and strong and believing in my all mighty God.

Good luck to you if you decide on this chemo.