Chemo sensitivity test


hello all

any body know more about the following test results

1 blood test for chemosensitivity test run by rgcc laboratory uk www.rgcc-uk.com and immune system

funtion test for target thearpy

2 Genova dignostics nutritoinal evaluation test


I am not familiar with the above labs but in 2008, my first metastasis was sent to a lab in California for a chemo sensitivity test. My SS cells were found to be most sensitive to ifosfamide and doxorubicin. No big news there... It was a waste of money :-(


I don't think I was given this test, I was just told what would work, or should work, and I just did it. I know that's not much help, sorry.


My naturopathic doctor sends to this lab but I opted against it due to the expense. If I did it I would do it only for natural substances costs less and I don’t do chemo so that part wouldn’t matter.