Has anyone had experience with combination therapy of CARBOPLATIN and ETOPOSIDE every 21 days? High dose Iphosfamide tanked so this is the new treatment.


With my last recurrence I was given Ifosfamide with etoposide. It didn't work for me, and I thought it would especially, since when I was initially diagnosed in 2007 I was on ifosfamide and adriamycin and did really well. Please keep us posted on how you do with carboplatin and etoposide. I wish you all the best and much success.


I can't find many articles with this combination alone. It seems to be used more often in combination with ifosfamide in pediatric population. Here are some old articles about carboplatin + etoposide alone:




These studies from the 1990 s and early 2000s had rather promising results. This combination is not commonly used for sarcoma patients and I am wondering why...


Thank you Sally and Elodie! After first dose James' blood levels plunged WBCs down to 0.9. He still feels great though. We will do second round next week (couldn't have his treatment this week due to low blood levels). Before third dose he will have a CAT scan to see if this is working. I will post results.


OIC This is a new one to me. I'm anxious to hear about your experience and appreciate you keeping us posted.

Blessing and wellness to you both.



Second round was cut in half and postponed a week due to low blood levels. His blood levels came back up two weeks after treatment, however, the CAT scan showed 25-50% growth in some of the nodules and no shrinkage in others. We are going back Wednesday to discuss possible options. We are getting low on options but we are strong and James is so positive. What an amazing young man he is. I am so proud to be his Mother.


Sorry to hear about this new setback. I hope his medical team has more options lined up for him!


Thank you Elodie. James is strong of body and mind. Yes, his team has three potential options that we will discuss on Wednesday.


James will be going to Bethesda, MD for Adoptive Immunotherapy. I will keep all posted.