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Cannabis Oil

How many of you on here have tried cannabis oil, and if so what results have you experienced?

Hi, my husband used CO for the last five weeks of his life. We were going for him getting cured off it, but it allay helped tremendously with pain. For the first time in a year, I saw his pain level go from a 7-8 constantly to a 2. He slept well for the first time in a year. He almost got off heavy narcotics that barely touched the pain. He did almost 90 grams in those five weeks but I think we were too late to give it a good go. I wish we had started it much earlier in the process.

could you tell me a little more about your husbands cancer? location/stage/size. only if you do not mind

He was diagnosed in October '13 when they found a cantaloupe-sized tumor in the left chest wall. They didn't stage it, though I did see some material stating that it was stage 4. The original oncologist said that it was "low grade" and "slow growing" which was detrimental because it was obviously inaccurate. They wanted to do chemo to shrink it and then remove it. We opted for natural treatments because we felt we had time to experiment. We started with herbs, juicing, liver and parasite cleanses, coffee enemas, and within a few months the tumor basically doubled in size and crossed over to the upper left lobe of the lung. He then had to get a lobectomy and then start chemo. After 5 rounds of chemo, he discovered that the tumor had not changed in size, and that the goal of the medical field was to contain and maintain, that was not good enough for him, so he stopped chemo and tried another natural route. Juicing and coffee enemas, coupled with Rife machine, Cellect, Budwig, vegan diet, 72 pancreatic enzymes daily. After a few months he went to get a scan and discovered that the tumor had spread to the right lung, was compressing what was left of the left lung, moved his heart to the right side, pressed on his trachea. Then oncology told him that they could give him Ifosmide to shrink it to help with pain only. There was no hope (once again) in medical and he opted out of that and decided to give cannabis oil a try. It was our last hope. They gave him weeks to live, and he lived 5.5 weeks after that :(

So sorry to hear about your husband Butterphly7.

My wife has used CO since her first diagnosis in 2010. Synovial Sarcoma right chest wall Cantaloupe size, terminal 6 months and was 8 months pregnant. Used the cannabis oil along side conventional chemotherapy, ifosfamide and doxorubicin. Tumour shrunk dramatically in 6 cycle treatment (each chemo was three weeks for six cycles). CO was used in small dosage at first doubling the dose every 3 - 5 days, by chemo cycle 6 she was on 800mg daily.

She got an op, they removed her right lung and tumour without clear margins. Radio therapy for 6 months. Stopped CO.

Clear nearly 4 years.

Local recurrence and localised spread found 8 months ago. Used CO for last 7 months along side ifos (small dose oral and high dose suppository) Currently on pazopinib and not using CO due to interaction of metabolic enzymes in liver. Doxirubicin is also likey to interact with CO due to metabolic activity in the liver.

Hope this helps, feel free to PM. p


I am looking for information relating to the pharmacological interaction between Chemotherapy agent Pazopinib (Votrient) and Cannabinoids. Clinical studies seem to be few.

We know that Medinol (Drobinol/synthetic THC) is prescribed and used alongside Pazopinib in the states (pharmacological interaction studies must have been done here). Sativex (THC 50%, CBD 50%) is the only pharmaceutical cannabinoid available in the UK, are there any known studies as to the interaction of Pazopinib and Sativex?

We are aware that cannabinoids induce metabolizing enzymes in the liver, that Pazopinib is a cyp450 and related enzyme inhibitor. Therefore cannabinoids interact with Pazopinib, increasing the uptake of the chemotherapy agent in the body and may lead to increased toxicity levels and elevation of related side effects.

Specifically the following types of medicine can interact with Pazopinib, BCRP inhibitors, cytochrome p450 inhibitors and p-glycoprotein inhibitors - all of which specific compounds of cannabis can be.

Depending on the administration of the cannabinoid treatment, we can bypass the first pass metabolism effect of the liver by delivering the cannabinoids via sub-lingual and transdermal applications (both through the skin and as a suppository). This method of administration may help reduce or remove the metabolizing interaction between the two drugs but can it cause significant interactions elsewhere? We can also reduce the dose of Pazopinib counteracting the increased uptake of the drug when used in combination with cannabinoids (CYP450 inducers are known to increase the levels of bio available Pazopinib by 60%).

If anyone has any information or can direct me to clinical studies, reports or an integrative oncologist who may know the answer to our question we would be very thankful.

Cannabis oil has helped me a lot since I started it last August. It is expensive. Consistent quality is hard to get. Dosing is tricky. It helped improve my health and symptoms, and has helped keep my large tumor contained all this time. I was on high doses all fall and sleeping a lot. But I was still not able to get my synovial sarcoma to shrink, even with cannabis oil. The best I got was several months of "grossly unchanged." but now I don't even have that it has been back to growing since January. Follow our journey: and

Thanks, Just had a quick look at your blog. You are 100% making the right decision by having an amputation. You will adapt so much quicker than you would ever expect. modern prosthetics are coming on a long way, that is from my own experience.

Thanks, that is what I keep trying to tell myself. It is always good to hear about other's experiences though.