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BRD9 Protein Degrader

Hi has anbody heard of BRD9 Protein Degrader?

I’ve found a little info via search engine, here is one such search. I hope it is helpful…

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This looks very promising as it seems to address a specific protein to SS. The article is from November 2018 and at that point no clinical trials seem to be scheduled. Any more information anyone? Will it arrive soon or is it many years in the future?

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Yes it really does appear promising! From different scientific articles ive read it also appears to have minimal side effects. Seems that no human trials have been undertaken as yet & I’m trying to find out if any are planned & if not if somehow it’s possible to gain access to this drug.

Great idea to get thid drug :smile:

In November i had contact with Gerard Brien from Ireland about this promising drug. And asked him about it. His Anwer:

" Our recent research represents a first step in what will likely be a long process. Translation of laboratory findings into clinical studies takes many years of additional work. Therefore, it will still likely be several years before this work will be in the clinic.

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My oncologist in the Netherlands, who is very hold back in this things, is also enthousiastic because there is no drug yet that operates like this.

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Thanks for your information Sanne! I’m going to investigate if their is ANY way possible to get this drug surely their must be a way. It’s very frustrating because we are mostly not in a position to wait years for approval for a drug that may be our only chance to live.

I think like you Dadoona. This is something that sounds more promising and much less toxic than any of the drugs and procedures most of us have been undergoing. We should think about ways to encourage/help these researchers expedite the process. A sense of urgency might be something each of us can communicate to them.

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Yes i agree. We just need to think of a way!

It has been since 11/15/2018 when the first news about this promising brd9 degraded treatment made the rounds of medical and ontological journals. Since then no more news, just silence. I contacted one of the researchers mentioned in the scientific paper and he said treat clinical trials are not on the horizon yet. Any one has been able to find out more information? It feels very frustrating that nothing seems to advance over a substantial period of time (18 months now) on this front. Is there any thing we can do as a group? Or does this mean that the initial promise shown in labs is not planing out for this therapy?
Any information eagerly welcome,