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Biphasic tumor favouring synovial sarcoma

Hi All,

3 years ago my brother was diagnosed for a mass of size 8x5x3 mm in his right axilla and the surgeon removed.Biopsy reports of the mass shown no sign of malignancy.But Now in feb 2013 my brother started complaining of pain in his right axilla while trying to move his arm above head.MRI reports suggests that there is a mass regrown at the same sight,biopsy was taken and tested and the surgical oncologist at Rajeev Gandhi hospital,New Delhi,India is suggesting that it is a "BIPHASIC TUMOR FAVOURING SYNOVIAL SARCOMA".

Has anyone came across a situation like this,Please suggest how to go about it share your experiences...



In most cases, synovial sarcoma has a characteristic translocation which can be tested by FISH technique:

This could definitely confirm the diagnosis.

To figure out who are the experts in India, you may want to check all Indian publications from pubmed and contact the people who did the studies (names, location and sometimes e-mail addresses are listed under the title of each study after you click the study name). Here is a list of Indian publications regarding synovial sarcoma:

Thank you Elodie..

The information given by you is really helpfull.

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Hi Akshay
What is the latest news about your brother?
Keen to know as I’m in similar situation