Best drug for synovial sarcoma picked with use of genetics?


Hello, Have you heard about picking best drug for synovial sarcoma with use of genetics?


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Hi, Glori, this article makes it sounds like research in this field is lagging behind for sarcomas, unfortunately: http://sarcomahelp.org/articles/immunotherapy-sarcomas.html

There are some mouse-model studies about genetics and targeted therapies, but nothing that can be applied to patients yet, it seems. I hope that will change soon.


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I thought they use a sophisticated model of cancer genetics to match the right tumor with the right drug. For example the genetics model could help to predict efficiency of Votrient, Yondelis or other SS drugs, because now it's always a lottery will the chemo be effective or have to try another drug?


Hi Glori - we used a company call Foundation Medicine to have our daughter's tumor analyzed. It did not give us any results our doctor could use but that does not mean it might not help others. Please note some insurance companies will not cover this charge. You might want to start a discussion and see if anybody has used this and yielded any positive results. http://www.foundationmedicine.com/. All the best. Trish


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Ovarian cancer is much more common than synovial sarcoma and the COXEN model described in the article is based on statistics which involves looking at thousands of tumor samples. They would not be able to do the same analysis with synovial sarcoma (not enough patients) :-( The biology of synovial sarcoma is simpler and better understood than that of ovarian cancer though. This does give us a good head start. They are a few researchers looking for solutions to our disease. Hopefully, they will find something soon...