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Back/shoulder/neck pain

Has anyone experienced a nagging back/shoulder blade/neck pain with synovial sarcoma mets to lung?

I have a 5 cm tumor in my right lungs since March. It did not really bother me much until September when I had a pleural effusion. When the liquid was drained in september I had a relief until last week when I started feeling pain again. I had an X ray and ultra sound done on wednesday but there is no new the doctors can really figure out what is causing the pain

My pain is when I eat, belch, or yawn and while it’s off the charts, it’s only for a second then done. I don’t have constant pain for which I am grateful. Plural effusion is crazy pain, but if it’s not that, I’m not sure what it is. Did the doctors give you something for pain? Are they going to remove your tumor?

Wouldn't they get a better picture with a CT scan? Is the tumor possibly pushing on a nerve? Please let us know if you find out the reason...

My mother had the same. The liquid was drained, but after few weeks the pain came back. However, there was not much water to cause the pain again. Doctors just say it's disease somewhere pushing nerves and don't pay much attention..
Also, my mother had a huge pain in the shoulder - the metastasis was found in the bones. After the radiation directly to metastasis she feels much better.

Thanks for the responses all!

I am also thinking that the tumor might be pushing on a nerve. I have a follow up appointment with oncologist on thursday, will see what he says. Maybe I will try acupuncture...

I am in Canada and CT Scan are not always the first recourse, I guess it is the medical system :-(

The ER just asked me to take some Advil.

When we noticed the mets in March, the doctors said they could not operate. However, after reviewing my CT scans in October, Dr Rolle in Germany said he could do laser on the small nodules and Lobectomy on the big mass. Maybe it is thanks to the fact that after 5 rounds of chemo and whole body hyperthermia, the biggest mass has decreased from 7.6 cm to 5.9

Now, I am just debating between the surgery in Germany and the Cyberknive Radiation my oncologist is now considering here in Canada

Whatever course you decide Danie, the faster the better... Good luck!