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Someone mentioned this supplement to me. Has anyone had experience with this? I found it quite interesting.

Never heard of it.

good question, anyone?

Older post here with not much information about it specifically:

Well, I looked around a bit for it, couldn't find anything specific to Synovial Sarcoma. But did find encouraging results in general. I was surprised that MSKCC had an article about it that wasn't negative. That article is here:

That said, I ordered some, thought I'd give it a try, and expect to start this weekend. I'll post on my blog if anything interesting happens, good or bad...

Keep fighting!!!

I have been using this product for a while now ( on and off for more than a year). It can get pretty pricey with all the other supplements that I take. This is recommended by Dr. Mary Hardy of UCLA Center of integrative Oncology.

Wow, you're right...very pricey to be a supplement.

Thanks for sharing, it is interesting.