Anyone with tumor smaller than 1cm?


I feel like I’m tormenting myself reading everyone’s stories because when I look at the difference in cases, I realize I’m at a completely different place.

My tumor only measured to 11mm x 5mm in my ankle removed surgically with no treatment followed. (Which was a personal choice) I’m going to have a PET soon after one year since last scan (following surgery) where everything looked “outstanding”.

Anyone have similar sized tumors? What treatment have you had? Any recurrences?


Well don't torment yourself :). You are in a good position becuz your tumor was found before it got too big, which decreases the risk of spreading the buggers immensly... :)

In case it would go wrong... I guess you would get the same treatment as all of us got. It's standard protocol. Options are surgery and radiation... or start of chemo. But I hope for you that it never comes back! Stay positive you have all the reasons to be! Goodluck...! Let us know how it was!


In 2012, I was diagnosed with less than 1 cm synovial sarcoma in my right foot(near toe). After surgery, I had radiation therapy. Since than I have had MRI and CT every six months and so far the result has been clear.

All the best!