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Anybody on or has been on this trial: Study of E7438 (EZH2 Histone Methyl Transferase [HMT] Inhibitor)?

Hello - looking to see if anyone is or has been on this trial and how it is working for them? Thank you in advance for your feedback. Trish

Study of E7438 (EZH2 Histone Methyl Transferase [HMT] Inhibitor) as a Single Agent in Subjects With Advanced Solid Tumors or With B Cell Lymphomas

It looks like this one is in France and is not for Sarcomas or did I miss something?


See this link:

The trial I provided is the only one I am aware of and was hoping that someone with synovial sarcoma was on it.


You did your homework Trish! Unfortunately, it looks like the study is only in France for now and it's not clear from the wording whether they only recruit lymphoma. There is another EZH2 inhibitor being tested in the US (GSK2816126) but again it looks like they are only recruiting lymphoma patients :-(

Hmm I'm on the waiting list for this study. And they only accept synovial sarcomas here :). They start in about 6weeks in Belgium.. Also for sarcoma patients. This is my next backup for votrient...