And now?


I'm in the hospital does have 15 days to remove the tumor of the left thigh, put a prosthesis in the artery, a vein resected. I've made in a lobectomy to remove the right lung metastasis. The doctors surgery I are heading for the treatment of oncology. Here is the follow-up radiation and chemotherapy. My doctor asked me to research because we have an effective chemotherapy treatment I need help and suggestions. What is the best treatment?


The standard first line treatment for sarcoma is doxorubicin(adriamycin)+mesna+ifosfamide, called AIM. Synovial sarcoma is particularly sensitive to ifosfamide so high dose ifosfamide may actually be more adequate for synovial sarcoma?


I also had doxorubin + mesna + infosfamide and so far a good outcome. Good information here www.macmillan.org.uk/Cancerinformation/Cancertreatment/Treatmenttypes/Chemotherapy/Combinationregimen/Doxorubicinifosfamide.aspx


I also had A.I.M. and the tumors practically disappeared. they came back in less than a year, however.


My son had synovial in the knee and they recomended amputation for best prognosis. He did not have the amputation. He suffered through many surgerys, chemo, 35 rounds of radiation and in the end had to amputate. He regreted not having the amputation. After 5 years the tumors came back in his lungs and in March he lost his battle. There is a frizzle gene that has killed the synovial in mice. It does not involve chemo. I would try and get into this trial. It is being done in Lyon, France. Contact:

■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■. Also Gesron therapy is totally organic and has worked on many cancers. The clinic is in San Diego Ca.. God Bless.