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Aldoxorubicin trial

Hello friends has anyone tried aldoxirubicin. My husband had ifos chemo followed by thorocotmy but has a recurrence in left lung. Tumor is growing rapidly. Now considering Aldoxorubicine trial. Has anyone had any success with this new drug. Pleae advise if you have any other treatments that has worked for you. Desperately Looking for any advice that helps stop tumor growth.

When my daughter started on Votrient she was told that it may stop the tumors from growing but it want shrink them. So we were surprised that it actually shrunk all the tumors except one large tumor that kept growing. The oncologist said it was just to large for the Votrient to have any effect on. From what I have read it works well for some but some not so well. That's what makes it hard on anyone, having to try it for a certain length time before knowing if it's working. Wish I could do more to help, Good Luck!!