I have senovial sarcoma in my chest. Originnally after feeling horrible for monthsse and loooking green and sweating all the time. I saw no less then 4 doctors whos diagnosis's ranged from "get out go to hospital, I need to go home you look serious I dont have time for serious at 10min to 9 when we close ar 9" . When I pressed the matter he threatened to call thet tpolice if I didn't leave. I also goT several phomonia diagnosis, but neither DR. ordered a chest xray. Finally after 6 months a doc ordered a chest xray and my left lung was filled with fluid or had collapsed or i had a tumour. The next Monday I was told it wasn't a tumour but an "empiema" which can happen after phenomonia where your lung fills up with puss and mucus.I had to have major surgery where they crack the chest and remove all infection. I was told I could be out for days. I woke up in icu 4 days later my wife told me t was a success but the biggest empiema they had ever seen. I had 4 drainage tubes coming out of me to continue to drain fluid. Then when my wife had left the surgeon comes in and tells me he found some irregular cells, wich where most likely cancerous he cut all he could out but there was some so close to my lung and heart that it could not be removed. It turned out it was cancer and after my first chemo I was in remission, incredible i thought as all the liturature we read said it woud take cheemo and radiation for remission. Anyway after 3 months it was back 12cm big and wrapped around my heart and esophagus. A second cheemo did nthing in terms of shrinkage but at least it wasn't growing. We then went to Toront for radiation which shrunk the tumour in half 6cm now. They say they couldn't due more radiation as ist was too close to my heart. So I ca came back home and started on these pills i can't remember the nME BUT THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO AT LEAST KEEP YOU AT STATUS QUO. so far yes but if my next scan results in early jan come back saying that the pills aren't working and its spread what should I do. Docorubasan is the cheeemo that worked so well for me but they say the human body can only tke so mush of it then their is surgery they say they wont do it here but ive read of lots of lung and partial heart removals or replacements,should I try to convince someone to do more radiation. i know docorub., surgery and radiation have all worked in the past the dr's here seem not to want to return to these risky avenues but this is my life and im going to beat this again i just need some advice


Is the pill you are taking votrient (pazopanib)? Did you ever try high dose ifosfamide?


I wish I knew what to tell you. These tumors are so different for everybody... The best advice that I can offer is to not give up, seek multiple opinions (for me, it took 5 opinions and lots of prayer before I knew what to do), and do plenty of your own research. I will be praying for you and trusting that God will guide you through this.


High dose ifosfamide. NEVER give up. It took 6 months or more for James to be diagnosed as well. Everything from a tick bite to a blood clot! Ask many questions and ask for more opinions. Never wait too long either. Keep ahead of the monster. God bless.