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Advice needed


Please could anyone help me with some advice - I had a synovial sarcoma removed from my left forearm
In sept 2010 size 5.5cm this was followed by 30 sessions of radiotherapy - three weeks ago I noticed a small nodule by my scar but only when my arm was extended, I went back to my consultant who sent me for an ultrasound who confirmed a small lump measuring 3mm by 5mm, my consultant tried to do a biopsy which was unsuccessful due to him being unable to locate the lump when my arm relaxed, he took a small slide swap and the results have come back clear - he has booked me in for an appointment in three months time unless the lump grows substantially - two weeks have now passed and the lump as far as I can see is just under 2cm - I am not sure what to do, could
It just be swelling where he tried to do biopsy or should I go back??? Can anyone advise please x


Go back - if you are questioning yourself - go back


Of course it could be inflammation but if you don't go back you may regret it later... At the minimum, give a call to the consultant and let him decide if he wants to look at it. Let him know you are anxious about it.


Please call your doctor. I had a lump that was synovial sarcoma 2 years ago, it was growing and I was loosing weight. I had to wait for surgery and ended up with positive margins. Doing fine 2 years later but always wonder if I had gone to another doc or gone back in I wouldn’t have this shadow of the positive margins


Synovial is a slow growing cancer, so whether you find out now or in 3 months it really won't affect it much. It could be scar tissue or just swelling. Don't panic. You could have bumped your arm and not known it too. You could always try ultrasound too. Do what makes you feel best.


I'd get a PET/CT scan.


Go to the doctor. It's better to be safe than sorry. :)


Get it thoroughly checked out. Good luck!


Thank you all I have booked to see Dr on Monday so fingers crossed x


Get another opinion...It is your life were talking about. Please have another doctor look at it. I am alive 17 yrs because I always got everything checked and rechecked with another opinion.Please get a second opinion.


Good luck.
Martina Whittell said:

Thank you all I have booked to see Dr on Monday so fingers crossed x


As far as i know SS is slow growing and will not grow from few mm to Cm in 2 week time,


Actually Cookie, SS is slow growing except when it's not. It may be slow growing for years and suddenly becomes very aggressive. It's not clear what triggers this behavior.