Adjuvant therapy options


Can anyone recommend therapy options designed to prevent recurrence following surgery aside from ifosomide, doxorubicin or radiation?

Most of the clinical trials seem focused on controlling disease after recurrence

Are there any less harsh options with results like they seem to have for other cancers? Will be discussing with doctor but also would appreciate any insights from this group

Thank you


If you're thinking hormone therapy, there is no such thing for sarcoma. If the patient has not had metastases, the standard treatment is limited to what you listed. It's considered adequate to prevent recurrence in most cases.

I did find this trial for maintenance therapy:


And this one for retroperitoneal and visceral disease with positive margins:


For patients with metastases, there are more types of chemotherapy available.


I did gemzar and taxotere after my surgery. I was in remission for 2.5 years, but the tumor returned this April.


I did adjuvant Aim/ adramyacin(doxy) and ifex and went to 3 major centers who all gave the same protocol.