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Above the knee sarcoma


Hi i am 14 and am from Ireland. I was diagnosed with Synovial Sarcoma in February. Soon i will be going to get my leg amputated, and have chosen to get a rotationplasty. I think its better because i will be able to run, jump etc better than with a full amputation. I would love to hear other peoples stories and how theyre getting on, and hopefully one similar to mine!


Rotationplasty was not given to me as an option when I had my above the knee amputation, I guess because I was already an adult. I heard about the procedure last year for the first time through the story of a teenage ballerina:

She seems to be doing very good and her dancing abilities are definitely impressive!
Regarding long term outcome, complication, quality of life, there are many studies you can take a look at:

Overall it looks like a good option, worth trying.


Thanks for these, yeah im sure its the right option to take.


I have a friend of the family who is 10. He has Ewing sarcoma. This was the type of amputation he got. He was definately running and jumping and have a wonderful time. His cancer came back quickly and he is still trying to stop/slow it down. I do know that he likes being able to run around with the other kids.