A thank-you to Elodie


Today marks Elodie's four-year anniversary on this community. Thank you, Elodie, for all of your hard work supporting our members here on the Synovial Sarcoma network. You are a very special person!


Thank you Elodie for all that you do, I do appreciate you.


Thank you for sharing information with others! There you can find support and knowledge about new treatments. Thank you!


Thank you so much for all the support you give to all that participate in this group. Your help is greatly appreciated. Congratulations on your 4th Anniversary!!!! : )


Thanx Elodie, for all the great information you have given over the years. You have made having Synovial Sarcoma much easier for me.


Thank you all for your words of appreciation, for your support and for keeping this community alive :-)


Thank Elodie for your help and sharing information, I really appreciate you.


Elodie - you are a really amazing person. You've helped this community thrive and have touched so many people. Congrats and thank you!


Thank you Elodie for all your help and all the information you share with this community. The information you have shared and this group has greatly helped my daughter and my family. All the best to you and your family.


Thank you Elodie, for all your helpful advice. Appreciate it so much.


Elodie, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do to help patients in need. :)



Thank you, Elodie! I am new to the community, but I can already see how much you add and what an encouragement you are to everyone. <3


Thank Elodie, for all you do for us!!


Thank you Elodie! You are a reprieve from the storm, a wealth of knowledge, a kind soul and a blessed friend.