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A Sarcoma Awareness Infographic

We've made an infographic that asks, "How does it feel to deal with a rare cancer" to help people understand that it can be a very lonely, frightening, confusing and frustrating experience. You can view it at

Please share it with whoever you can to help us bring attention to this rare and dangerous cancer and encourage them to share it with others.

Thank you for helping.


I really like this and would like to share it from our Team Blackburn Facebook page, however, I got an error when doing so. Any other way to post this to share?

Hi Tracey, I'm sorry you're having a problem. I'm not Facebook savvy, so I can't help you fix it. All I know is that over 900 people have shared it. I've attached a PDF of the inforgraphic that can be attached to an e-mail, posted on a blog, or printed for flyers, posters, etc. I hope this helps. -- Bruce

53-SAM_infographic.pdf (465 KB)

Thanks Bruce! I’ll try troubleshooting Facebook again as I’d like to make sure to promote the graphic and the organization. I’ll send you a mail if I have any questions.


I was able to share the graphic from facebook this time around (perhaps fb was having a bad day when I first tried :-)). I've also asked our Team Blackburn members to see if we can share the graphic to get you over 1,000 shares :-)

Let me know what else I can do to help spread the word!


Tracey -- glad it work out. Thank you for spreading the word, About what else to do -- consider giving your oncologist and other member of the medical team a copy of it! We had some nice notes from doctors who have seen the infographic.

Great idea, Bruce! I have been meaning to send a mail to my late husband's oncologist, and this is the perfect reason to do so! This is where that PDF you attached will come in handy :-)