A question to everyone of you and a report from my son Jeremy


Hi all,

I thought, I wanted to ask you some question about the aftercare and tell you about our experiences with the pediatric cancer station of the university of Giessen.

Last week my son Jeremy had a MRT as aftercare following his chemo-treatment and surgery on his right leg.

We were ordered to arrive at the hospital at 10:30 am (of course fasting 6 hours before (Jeremy is to little to keep calm in the MRT-Maschine so he needs to be sedated every time)). For he got a mutliresistent germ the doctors wanted to see him after seeing erveryone before him because they did not want to disinfect the examination room in the middle of the day.

So we got to wait until about 3pm. At 4pm the MRT-section closes for the day. So they got in the hurry.

Now we think they wrongly examined the head of my son though his syno-sarcoma was placed in his right leg (and originally they wanted to check that).

My question now is:

Have you ever heard of neccessary aftercare in the head for syno-sarcomas placed in the limb?

We were told that relapses normally would come to the 1st place or the lung, but never in the head until they tried to discuss themselves out of the mistake.

I hope you understand what I mean for English is not my best ;)

Thank God that our insurance pays for everything and does not take regress with the patients (the German social care system)



It does sound like a mistake they do not want to admit... SS can metastasize to the brain although it's much more likely to metastasize to the lungs. Usually they only check the brain alone if there are symptoms. They would check the whole body with a PET scan if they wanted to check for mets outside the lungs.


I had ss in my neck in 1995, I was told it could come back in my head or lungs.