6 month check in


After 2 surgeries the dr was able to remove the sarcoma with clear margins, surgeries went well but I thought I would die during the second one, thankfully I am still here.
I have now had 2 radiation treatments with 28 to go. I don’t feel any side effects so far
I have read fatigue is the most common.
Thank you,


Sounds good to me! Radiation is much easier to handle than chemo but you have to watch out for the long term side effects.

I hope this is a permanent fix :-) Good luck!


Luckly everything went well. Where is the radiation? I had it in my lungs... like you said mainly fatigue nothing else that I can recall. :)


PS: It still suprises me how you all had surgery's.. they keep telling me no surgery no surgery....


My tumor was just below my right shoulder in front of body.


Is Proton Therapy available in your area… I would recommend if it is… My thoughts and support to you…


Continue to be postive and hang in there.