17 months in remission now two lumps appear


My son aged 12 had been in remission for 17 months, he has ha X-ray followed by ultrasound followed as his bones were starting to hurt and poke through the ski . MRI show 2 lumps between fibula and tibia , one hospital says they are liquid , the other says not. Now scheduled for MRI and Biopsie , worried sick


Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your son, popey! Hoping for the very best possible outcome!


When do you get the results? Is George also anxious?


I pray to god that it is only fluid and not more tumours, I lost my husband to that disgusting beast and that is very painful to deal with I can’t even begin to imagine what it’s like going through the painful journey with a child my prayers are with you all at this difficult time, I’m not going to say say strong or try to be positive because I no that patronised me to hear those words we all have to deal with whatever rotten cards we are dealt, if the worse news is confirmed I just hope they can operate so your son can recover and carry in with his life the little pet. Big hugs are been sent ur way xx


Thinking of you Popey. Such a shame we are at opposite ends of the country almost but am sending lots of hugs your way xxxx


Thinking of you and your son. Hoping for a good outcome.