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Synovial sarcoma is a malignant tumor of the soft tissues, usually around joints. Under the microscope the tumor resembles synovial tissue (the lining tissue of joints). Synovial tissue is found around the tendons (bands of fiber that connect muscle to bone), and can form bursa (fluid filled cushioning pouches or sacs found in spaces between tendons, ligaments and bones) found in the area of joints.

General Discussion

Join the Synovial Sarcoma discussion forum for patients, friends and families affected with synovial sarcoma.
We love to hear you stories and information about treatments, symptoms and side effects.

Treatment of Synovial Sarcoma

Treatment of Synovial Sarcoma
What is the best treatment for sarcoma? Is sarcoma curable? What is the survival rate of sarcoma cancer?
In general, sarcoma treatment may include chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery. Get to know these options from this section.

Newly Diagnosed

We know you have a million questions about sarcoma. This section is to help you answer a few. Please don’t hesitate to ask your questions though. These are short articles written by Synovial Sarcoma patients on range of topics for the newly diagnosed or currently being diagnosed. We will be adding more so please come back often.

Success Stories

Share your success stories and stories of hope of surviving with Synovial Sarcoma.
Be inspired by reading these stories. Don’t forget to comment!

Unexplained Symptoms

According to WebMD, at an early stage synovial sarcoma, you may not notice any signs or symptoms. But, however as tumors grow, people affected with sarcoma may see a lump or swollen spot. Synovial sarcomas are soft tissues that usually appears around your hip, knee, ankle, or shoulder joints. How about you? Did you experience the same?

Pediatric Patients

Discussion about Pediatric Patients and Parent Support

Unusual Presentation of Disease

Discussion About the Unusual Presentation of Disease

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Clinical Trials

Synovial Sarcoma Clinical Trials Discussion


Advocacy for Synovial Sarcoma

Insurance/Work/Financial Issues

Discussions of Insurance/Work/Financial Issues and resources

Emotional Support

If you would like to express your feelings about dealing with Synovial Sarcoma, this is the place. Need a Lift? need to Rant? This is the place.

Complementary Therapies

This is the place to discuss the array of complementary healing modalities that many of us rely on to help us live healthier lives with Synovial Sarcoma. Whether you're looking to do more to promote your own health while undergoing medical treatment, or are waiting to get medical treatment and are looking to do what you can to feel better in the meantime, this is the place to post your questions and information

End of Life Issues

Discussion of End of Life Issues

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