Anyone on durvalumab & tremelimumab


My son is not NY-ESO-1 positive, and he had a tumor bleed on Votrient. If nothing helps him, he has now been given less than 6 months. He is 18-years-old and has a metastatic tumor in his pleural lining. The first time he fought SS he had a localized tumor on his back, had a whoops surgery by a general surgeon who thought it was a lipoma, and then did AIM, radiation, and a resection. Now, his pleural tumor is inoperable and is just in a very bad spot. :frowning: I’m desperate for something to help him. He is testing his tumor for MAGE, but he is trying this immunotherapy trial now (durvalumab & tremelimumab). My question is: Is there anyone here who has done this trial and had it help to shrink or stabilize their disease?