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Synovial sarcoma is a malignant tumor of the soft tissues, usually around joints.

Under the microscope the tumor resembles synovial tissue (the lining tissue of joints). Synovial tissue is found around the tendons (bands of fiber that connect muscle to bone), and can form bursa (fluid filled cushioning pouches or sacs found in spaces between tendons, ligaments and bones) found in the area of joints.

This condition tends to occur in adolescents and young adults and affects more males than females. The most common location of origin is the thigh near the knee, but synovial sarcoma can also occur near other joints, mainly in the arms and legs.

Despite its name, it seldom arises within a joint.


Every one's story is so unique, so here is mine. (survivors who chose no treatment, please read)

Started by Michelle in Newly Diagnosed. Last reply by Sage on Wednesday. 9 Replies

Every one's story is so unique, so here is mine. My name is Michelle, I am 21 years old.About five years ago, I began to feel an annoying dull pain near my ankle. Everyone thought I was faking it to get out of high school PE which I did kind of fake…Continue

Tags: story, treatment, anxiety, fear, small

Hello my fellow fighters

Started by JulieK4 in Emotional Support. Last reply by Ellen Sep 25. 4 Replies

Hey guys!!Phew, I haven't logged on here in a while! Lately, I have been having "one of those days" where I kind of just think about life and all that I have endured. I am sure I am not the ONLY one haha. I was curious if any of you guys have had SS…Continue

Trials for Newly Diagnosed

Started by Elodie Espesset in Clinical Trials and Research Updates Sep 25. 0 Replies

There is a trial in California testing BLZ-100, an injected drug designed to help the surgeon better visualize the tumor and improve margins:…Continue

Src Inhibitors

Started by Elodie Espesset in Clinical Trials and Research Updates Sep 25. 0 Replies

A few years ago, there was a study from Germany suggesting dasatinib as a promising treatment for synovial sarcoma:http://cancerres.aacrjournals.org/content/73/8/2518.longA phase…Continue

Vaccine Trial LV305

Started by mary in Personal Experience with Clinical Trials. Last reply by Elodie Espesset Sep 25. 15 Replies

Just finished the vaccine trial for 3 nodules in my lungs.I had the vaccines every 3 weeks over a 4 month period.I did not experience any side effects from the vaccine.They give you 8 shots per visit, 2 in each arm and 2 in each leg.They inject…Continue

Good news

Started by Deano in General. Last reply by Ellen Sep 24. 7 Replies

I have had an appointment with my specialist today and the MRI shows that the sarcoma is superficial and not close to the ulna nerve so an amputation won't be happening I am heading back to Sydney on Tuesday to have the surgery,Thank you all for…Continue

Lung metastasis after the amputation

Started by Rumba in Amputation. Last reply by jimK Sep 24. 8 Replies

My husband had an amputation 9 months ago and all the scans so far were clear. His last scan showed several nodules (up to 4mm) that look like metastasis. Can someone recommend a drug that is effective with lung metastasis?Last year before the…Continue

Neulasta not working

Started by George in Chemo. Last reply by George Sep 24. 4 Replies

Has anyone had experience of neulasta not working? If so, what did you do?It has been 10 days and white count and neutrophils are very lowWould appreciate any adviceThanks!Continue

Tags: count, White

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Sage replied to Michelle's discussion Every one's story is so unique, so here is mine. (survivors who chose no treatment, please read)
"Check out chrisbeatcancer.com His blog is so inspiring and calming. Check him out. I think…"
Kelly posted a status
"married on 8/28/15, his bday on 8/29/15, hospital on 9/1/15...still here. Mets to liver and abdomen. Votrient or hospice. What a journey."
Sep 28
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"I agree with the radiation therapy. After one of my lung surgeries, I received a round of radiation…"
Sep 25
Ellen replied to JulieK4's discussion Hello my fellow fighters
"JulieK4, Just saw your post.  I had stage 3/grade 3 synovial scarcoma of the abdomen removed…"
Sep 25
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Sep 25

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Elodie Espesset left a comment for Debra Johnson
"Welcome Debra! Thanks for being here for your son. I may have met him on Facebook (Mark?). You may…"
Sep 25

Top Content 

1 Lung metastasis after the amputation

Lung metastasis after the amputation

Posted by Rumba on September 23, 2015

2 Neulasta not working

Neulasta not working

Posted by George on September 20, 2015

3 Every one's story is so unique, so here is mine. (survivors who chose no treatment, please read)

Every one's story is so unique, so here is mine. (survivors who chose no treatment, please read)

Posted by Michelle on April 28, 2015

4 Good news

Good news

Posted by Deano on July 24, 2015

5 Cryoablation, RFA, Microwave Ablation Trial

Cryoablation, RFA, Microwave Ablation Trial

Posted by Elodie Espesset on September 11, 2015


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Has anyone been through the genetically modified T-Cell trial?

Posted by jimK on April 30, 2014 at 7:00pm 55 Comments

I've met the blood and tumor qualifications and have an appointment at NIH on May 15th for additional testing to qualify for "A Pilot Study of Genetically Engineered NY-ESO-1 Specific (c259) T Cells in HLA-A2+ Patients With Synovial…


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